Book Downloads

1. Download and install UE4 version 4.8.3
The book and the levels are intended for use with UE4 version 4.8.3 available here.
For other versions, see Additional Downloads below.

NEW! We've provided updated versions of all the levels to 4.12 - see links below.
There are some changes so we'd still recommend working through the book with 4.8.3, but if you want to use 4.12 then see the README file included in the Additional Downloads link below.

2. Download and install the GAB macro library
Several of the book projects require some additional nodes that we have built specifically for your use. These are contained in a Macro library which you need to install first.

PC: Manual install - here
Open the file and put the GAB_Resources folder in your Engine/Content folder. Depending on the install this will likely be in one of these locations:
C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.8\Engine\Content
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.8\Engine\Content

MAC: Automatic Installer - here (Unzip and install)
MAC: Manual Install - here
Put the GAB_Resources folder in your Engine/Content folder: Depending on the install this will likely be in one of these locations:
/Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.8/Engine/Content

3. Download and install the demo projects or exercise level
As you work through each chapter download the appropriate chapter's demo project and complete the exercises in the exercise project.

Demo Projects and Exercise Project Link - here

PC: Right click on the downloaded zip file and 'Extract Here'. Then drag and drop the project to the Unreal Projects folder: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Unreal Projects

MAC: Put the downloaded zip file in the Unreal Projects folder then double click to expand: /Users/UserName/Documents/Unreal Projects

NOTE: The Unreal Projects folder does not exist until you have created your first project so you may need to initially create the folder yourself.

4. Restart the Epic Games Launcher to see the projects in the launcher library

5. Install the Substance plugin
The book projects require the Substance plugin so when you first open one of the projects the launcher may ask if you want to install it. Say yes and when this is complete you can reopen the project.

Additional Downloads

4.17 Update: here
All the accompanying game levels, exercise level and bonus practice levels have been updated to work in UE4.17.

4.12 Update: here
All the accompanying game levels, exercise level and bonus practice levels have been updated to work in UE4.12. Also included is an additional game level and README document that demonstrates some of the new features in 4.12.

Locations guide: here
This PDF is a guide to where you can see specific techniques implemented in Demo Projects and Exercise level. You may find it useful to print this out as a useful reminder of shortcuts and bookmarks.

Screenshots of completed systems: here
If you get stuck on an exercise then take a look at a screenshot of the completed systems here.

Text to speech app: here
Text to speech app: Automatic spreadsheet to speech.wav for dialogue placeholders (PC Only).

Branching Dialogue Spreadsheet template: here

Instructor Slides: here
Here are a set of PowerPoint slides to support your teaching if you're using Game Audio Implementation as a class textbook. You're welcome to use the content in any way you see fit with the appropriate reference to Game Audio Implementation, Focal Press, 2015. + Don't forget the 'cheat sheet' - Screenshots of completed systems above!
Also see ShareX for capturing your own screenshots and Bandicam for capturing in-game / in-editor movies.

Instructor's Mark Sheet: here
Several teachers / instructors have been in touch who are using the book and accompanying levels in their teaching. This is an example mark sheet in Excel format that might be useful.

Free bonus practice levels (4.8.3): here
4.17 Update: here
Here are three extra projects for you to practice your game audio implementation in.
Cave Base, Desert, and Medieval settings. Just unzip them to your Unreal Projects folder.


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We'll keep an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions here


We have released a series of blueprints for UE4, on the Unreal Marketplace, which allow you to easily create spatialized audio ambiences and one-shots to bring movement and life to your audio - see the Extras page.

All game levels updated to 4.17 - see the Downloads page / Additional Downloads.

All game levels updated to 4.12 + guide and demo of new features - see the Downloads page / Additional Downloads.